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The booking will be considered effective once the payment of the deposit has been received. The deposit will account for a 30% of the total amount. It can be sent via wire transfer to the account number that we will provide you at the moment of the reservation.


A series of cancellation fees will be applied in case of cancellation prior to your arrival. These fees will be applied according to when the reservation is canceled.


Weekend: Fridays from 4pm.

Whole week: Fridays from 6pm. 

We will arrange with you the arrival time in advance.

The client has the obligation to settle the total amount of the stay prior to the check in. The fact of filing a claim will never exempt this payment.

At the same time, the deposit will be also need to be paid. This will be reimbursed through bank transfer once we have checked that the property and its furniture is in proper conditions.


Weekend: Sunday before 6 pm.

Whole week: Check out day before 12 pm. 


Upon law, the registration of all the accommodated guests over the age of 14 is mandatory and must be sent electronically to the General Directorate of Police. (Article 5.2 of Decree 164/2010). Mandatory data to be provided for this registration is: full name, date of birth, ID.


At the beginning of your stay in our accommodation you agree to follow the rules of the house. If the reservation holder or any of its companions does not behave properly and responsibly, Rural Pedraforca is authorized to ask the client and his companions to leave the property immediately without any rights to compensation. (Article 5.8 of Decree 164/2010).

Very important, in order to guarantee coexistence with the neighbors: it is mandatory to respect the neighbors’ rest. Outdoor parties and / or revelry in the gardens, swimming pool, porches, etc. are prohibited. They can only be held indoors as long as the volume of the activity is adequate to ensuring a proper rest for the neighbors. During the day, all music devices, games, etc … must respect the appropriate volume to also respect the rules of coexistence and noise pollution. It is mandatory to respect the facilities and both the indoor and outdoor furniture of the house. They will be left as they were found upon arrival.

  • They are not allowed to swim in the pool.
  • The owner of the pet will have the obligation to keep them in suitable hygienic and sanitary conditions, and to comply the current regulations.
  • The owner of the pet will be liable for the damage caused by the pet ether to third parties or to any of the facilities of the property.
  • The pet may not be left alone inside or outside the home without the supervision of the owner.

Rural Pedraforca is not liable for any loss, damage, cancellation or any additional expense incurred by the customer, or any cause beyond the control of the property owners.

Nor is it responsible for the loss or forgetting of objects; However, if an object is lost and found in the establishment at the time of cleaning, the owner won’t have any problem to ship it to the address provided by the client cash on delivery.

Smoking is not allowed in the rooms, nor is it allowed to remove utensils, bed linen, blankets, etc. outside the property.

In the event of any sort of damage, you must inform the property owners ASAP and always before checking out in order to avoid damage charges. The customer will have to pay the cost of the damage.

At the end of the stay the house must be in proper conditions, both in terms of facilities and furniture (tables, chairs, sunbeds, sofas, etc ….), play areas, toilets (i.eg. towels used should be placed on the floor or in the bathtub), etc ….

Even if a cleaning fee is included in the fare you must leave the house in proper hygienic and cleaning conditions. Otherwise the deposit will not be reimbursed.

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